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HAVAG-Glas GmbH, Gräfinauer Str. 3, 98693 Ilmenau OT Wümbach, Telefon: +49 36785-51090, Fax: +49 36785-51099

HAVAG - an international trading company with limited liability, founded in Germany in 1993

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Our main emphasis is put on laboratory glass. We offer hand made blown and pressed hollow glass like aquarium tanks, pneumatic tanks of round and angular shape, cylinders, different jars, staining jars and specimen jars. The product range is completed by automatically made products like laboratory bottles, petri dishes, beakers and flasks. Additionally we offer laboratory apparatus made from glass tubes plus slides and cover glasses. The articles are produced in soda lime glass or borosilicate glass depending on the product group.

In addition to the laboratory glass we offer hand made blown and pressed glass articles for floristry and giftware, e.g. aquarium tanks, cylinders, reagent tubes, flower pots, square vases and many other different shapes of vases. Big items like cylindrical jars, cognac glasses and bowls with a volume of up to 20 litres have the priority in this product range. The articles of this range are mostly produced in soda-lime glass.

Our firm also offer pet supply items, e.g. hand made blown bowls different shapes with a volume up to 20 litres, well-known under the term fishbowls. Additionally we offer pressed round feeding dishes for rabbits, cats, dogs, hamsters and other pets. These articles are made of soda-lime glass.

Based on our know-how in manufacturing and processing of glass we are able to produce glass articles according to customer demands. If necessary these articles can be produced in glass factories or by glass blowers. The kind of glass will be determined by the manufacturing process and by the application. We can improve glass by sandblasting, coating and applying  logos and images. Examples for special customer demands are: glass tube sections for wind lights or other application, glass components for equipments for analysing and measuring, glass components for mechanical engineering, sight gauges made of flat glass, glass components for sanitation and other Applications.

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