Our product range of laboratory glassware:

- Aquarium tanks

- Specimen Jars, with/without cover plate

- Cylinders, up to 250 mm diameter

- Jars  with Foot

- Jars, for Cotton Wool

- Jars, without shoulder and overlapping lid

- Jars, with shoulder and overlapping lid

- Bottles dropping, clear and brown

- Reservoir Bottles for burettes, clear or brown

- Staining Troughs (Hellendahl, Coplin, Schiefferdecker, staining tray)

- Staining Jars

- Funnels, Powder funnels

- Laboratory / measurement equipment (on request)

and much more... request our cataloque

- Reagent Bottles (wide/narrow neck, clear or brown, with/without stopper)

- Laboratory bottles

- Watch Dishes, Petri dishes

- Stoppers octagonal

- Gas washing Bottles

- Weighing Bottles

- Stopcock Keys

- Spherical Cones


hand-produced hollow glassware in the following areas

Expertise in Glass