Drinking straws of glass

diameter 8 mm

length 220 mm

wallthickness 1,5 mm

Our drinking straws are a great alternative to drinking straws made of plastic and even have a number of advantages.The drinking straws are heat-resistant and also suitable for hot drinks, since they are made of borosilicate glass tube, the so-called tempered glass.  They are dimensionally stable and resistant. The drinking straws are transparent, tasteless and aesthetic. The ends are fused and therefore not sharp-edged. When handled properly, our drinking straws made of glass are as safe as drinking glasses.With an inner diameter of 5 mm and thick drinks can be drunk easily without the straws clogged. They can be cleaned in a standard dishwasher in the cutlery basket and are reusable many times.Of course, other diameters and lengths are possible.  In addition, the straws can be provided in sufficient quantity with an inscription or logo, which is baked and dishwasher safe.


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